Bridge Building


    Bangkok and the Chao Praya River--A City that could use a few more bridges

    This summer, enroute to Canada we got stuck in San Fransisco for 12 hours. Not wanting to waste a great opportunity I hustled Matt and Ben on to the train and made for downtown. Passing by Fisherman's Wharf I pointed out Golden Gate Bridge.  Perhaps no other bridge in the world is more famous and I was glad my children had a chance to see it, but lately I have been reminded about the purpose of a bridge. Beautiful or not, a bridge is meant to get you somewhere.  A bridge is never built to be a destination.  A bridge links; a bridge helps you get from where you are to where you need to be; a bridge brings together two different worlds. 

     If I were to describe the purpose of Imagine Thailand, it would be that of a bridge.  Our main function is to serve as  a bridge helping connect people. We link educated, urban Thai students with rural, marginalized and vulnerable communities. We link motivated and passionate volunteers from Thailand and abroad to meaningful and needful places of service in Thailand.  The bridge is made out many different kinds of materials; Passport Cafe is one of those materials; teaching in the university helps build the bridge; and students camps is another valuable piece in our bridge struture.

   This is how the bridge works: take the team we hosted to teach English at a Southern Thai school called Suttin Anusom.  Teaching English is important to Thai people but what was even more remarkable was what happened when the lessons ended.  At the end of the camp, the host teacher asked if the visiting team could pray for all the teachers that were present.  Some of the teachers felt uncomfortable but they agreed.  As they stood in a circle and the team prayed for them, some of the teachers began to cry.  We didn't understand, but even today the teachers talk about that moment as being significant for them.  The bridge was English, but to where did bridge lead?  It led to reconciliation.

    Or consider an American team that served in old town Takua Pa.  Paired up with a Thai young adult team in a historic first--the inaugural Thai team from our national churches to volunteer with Imagine Thailand.  What was the bridge?  Again, English.  To where did it lead?  Well, to two destinations. First, English teaching provided an opportunity for well-educated, urban Thai young people to meet a felt need in a rural community.  Secondly, a deeper need was met when a small group of young students prayed to know God better at the English camp. 

    Or in Bangkok where we just finished our fourth year of teaching Basic Leadership Principles to 190 students in the Faculty of Pharmacy. The last module was on 'vision' and our facilitators, Passionate, faith-filled Thai young professionals, were invited to share their vision.  They each had a wonderful opportunity to share their hope with their facilitation group. The bridge in this case is developing leadership capacity among emerging students, but the destination is life transformation.

    Whether it's in Takua Pa, an area where 5 government schools have welcomed Imagine Thailand since we've been teaching English there; the Deep South where Muslim widows have been supported through our income generation projects; at the university where students have begun to seek their destiny in life; or Mae Sot where our water systems, teacher resources, and life camps for stateless children are bringing hope, bridges have been built into communities that for years have been inaccessible.



Discovery Tour 2013! Are you coming?  

Have you ever wanted to have first hand experience of what God is doing in Thailand, but didn’t know how best to do that? Have you desired to see for yourself the impact of partnership in a local Thai Community? Or have you been curious to see Thailand, but want to be more than just a tourist? Then we’d like to invite you to the Imagine Thailand Discovery Tour.

The Imagine Thailand Discovery Tour offers the opportunity to see all that Thailand has to offer from a unique, purpose-filled perspective. More than a tour - this is a vacation with a purpose. You’ll embark on a 12-day journey that will take you and your friends to Bangkok, Phuket, and out-of-the way communities along the Thai-Burma border and Southern Thailand. You’ll not only see Asia’s most dynamic city and some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, but also what is God is doing through Imagine Thailand in three regions of this diverse and dramatic country.

During the tour, you will:

Visit communities and campuses not accessible to tourists.

Meet local Thai and Burmese people.

Learn about the 2004 Tsunami and the present situation.

Learn firsthand about the Burmese refugee and migrant situation.

Travel during the best time of year: cool season.

Be fully escorted by Rev. Derek and Irislee Koch and national Imagine Thailand staff.

See what God is doing in the lives of many firsthand.

Enjoy the astonishing beauty and diversity of Thailand.

Space is limited and we’d love to host you – register today.  


Follow the links below and you'll discover all the amazing details about this amazing opportunity!

Discovery Tour Brochure

Discovery Tour Information Sheet

Discovery Tour Sign-Up Sheet



Help Victims of Flooding in the Deep South of Thailand


                                                                                                    2  เมษายน 2554

 เรียน  ศิษยาภิบาลคริสตจักร
 เรื่อง  รับบริจาคเพื่อผู้ประสบภัยภาคใต้
                  ERDO เป็นองค์กรคริสเตียนที่มีส่วนช่วยเหลือผู้ประสบภัยทั่วโลก ซึ่ง ERDO เองเคยมีส่วนร่วมในการรวบรวมเงินถวายจากพี่น้องคริสเตียนไทยเพื่อช่วย เหลือในที่ต่างๆเสมอมา ไม่ว่า ที่ประเทศเฮติ เมื่อคราวแผ่นดินไหวปีที่แล้ว หรือ ประเทศพม่า เมื่อครั้งพายุนาร์กีสพัดถล่ม และอีกหลายที่หลายแห่ง
                  ในเวลานี้ เป็นที่ทราบกันว่าทางภาคใต้ของประเทศไทย ได้ประสบปัญหาน้ำท่วม  ฝนตก  ดินถล่ม การคมนาคมหลายๆทางต้องถูกตัดขาด มีหลายครอบครัวต้องพลัดพรากและสูญเสีย 
                  ด้วยเหตุนี้เอง ERDO จึงใคร่ขอเชิญชวนพี่น้องในคริสตจักร มีส่วนช่วยในการถวายตาม เพื่อพี่น้องของเราภาคใต้จะมีกำลังใจและลุกขึ้นอย่างมั่นคงต่อไป ท่านสามารถถวายเพื่อพระกายเดียวกันผ่านทางการโอนเงินเข้าบัญชี

ธนาคารกรุงเทพ    สาขาพระราม4     บัญชีออมทรัพย์

ชื่อบัญชี  :   Emergency relief and development overseas (Thailand) foundation  

เลขที่บัญชี : 031-0-19524-3   


1.  ส่งตรงไปยัง "กลุ่มคริสเตียนกลางนครศรีธรรมราช" เพื่อซื้อเครื่องอุปโภคบริโภค และแจกจ่ายไปยังผู้ประสบภัยในจังหวัดนครศรีธรรมราชโดยตรง

2. ส่งตรงไปยัง "องค์การคริสตจักรร่วมพระคุณในประเทศไทย" ซึ่งตั้งอยู่ในจังหวัดสุราษฏร์ธานี ในบริเวณใกล้เคียงกับพื้นที่ที่เสียหายอย่างหนัก เพื่อซื้อเครื่องอุปโภคบริโภค และแจกจ่ายไปยังผู้ประสบภัยในจังหวัดสุราษฏร์ธานีโดยตรง



2nd Annual Imagine Thailand Discovery Tour coming January, 2012

We believe that the best way to see, feel and experience Thailand is to visit it for yourself. That's why we're excited to launch our second Imagine Thailand Discovery Tour, coming in January 2012.

Have you ever wanted to have first hand experience of what God is doing in Thailand, but didn’t know how best to do that?  Have you desired to see for yourself the impact of partnership in a local Thai community?  Or have you been curious to see Thailand, but want to be more than just a tourist?  Then we’d like to invite you to on the tour.

The Imagine Thailand Discovery offers the opportunity to see all that Thailand has to offer from a unique, purpose-filled perspective. Join us on a fully-escorted, 12-day tour of Bangkok, the Thai-Burma border and the area of Southern Thailand still recovering from the 2005 Asian Tsunami. Click here for more details.


Bangkok Security Update

You may have seen stories of protests and violence in Bangkok the news recently; we wanted to update you on what this means for us at Imagine Thailand.

Last Thursday night, a confrontation between two groups ended with five bombs that left one people dead and 88 injured. While the bombings were quite close to us, the confrontations are very localized and there is no immediate threat to Imagine Thailand or PAOC workers in Bangkok. However, we do expect the situation here to be unstable for the foreseeable future.

Here are some things you should know:
1. The violence is very targeted. We are following the situation closely and avoiding targeted areas. 
2. Our work and staff in Mae Sot and the South are not affected.
3. We are communicating regularly with staff and teams.
4. If the situation deteriorates, we have plans in place to ensure everyone's safety.

We appreciate your prayers for the safety or our family and staff, and for peace and reconciliation in Thailand.


Peter and Cavelle Dove
Executive Directors, Imagine Thailand

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